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Because prototyping is housed in its own state of the art facility, we can take design to reality without interrupting production schedules. This means speed and quality are never jeopardized. We have produced single product prototypes as well as complete outfitted stores from the ground, up.

Screen Printing

Utilizing inline presses and large format presses, our screen print facility utilizes the latest technology in our portfolio of manufacturing capabilities.

Coupled with the state-of-the-art make ready and color-matching equipment, our screen-print department produces films, screens and ink all in-house, eliminating the need for costly outsourcing.

Digital Imaging

This relatively new technology is an ever changing and advancing manufacturing tool. Advance Graphic invests resources every year back into the research and development of this department. Currently we have the latest in large and grand format roll-to-roll printers as well as flatbed printers.

With this new advancement in print technology, we are able to print on any substrate from paper to corrugated steel. Of course, keeping in mind the traditional substrates: vinyl, PVC, banner material, cloth and mesh; have all been greatly enhanced with this technology in both speed and quality.

Laminating & Finishing

Being able to laminate finished prints with protective clear coats or textured finishes is a unique offering Advance Graphic has pioneered throughout the years. We are able to apply these finishes through screen printing or through our roll-to-roll lamination equipment.

We have developed a method to apply finishes based on not only clarity or sheen, but also texture. Allowing the graphic to match its field of application seamlessly.

Computer-Aided Routing & Cutting

Utilizing our flatbed routers and patented i-cut® equipment, we can also cut and seal graphics to any size or shape; no matter how intricate the detail. The high-speed output of this equipment makes large or small runs very efficient and cost effective.

From the thinnest paper, to the thickest substrates, our routers and flatbed cutters can handle the most difficult jobs with the greatest attention to detail.

Foam & Plastic Fabrication

Manufacturing wall copy, signage, continuous run canopies and soffits using the latest foam and plastic fabrication equipment, put Advance Graphic System at the head of the industry.

Our staff has created product called CoLite™ that can be produced in any shape and hung or attached to any field condition. We can also manufacture CoLite™ to any color or material specification required.

Customized Painting

With the aid of fully integrated paint booths, we can custom paint foam, metal, plastic or wood. We can also custom match colors to match most design specifications.

Inventory Management

Online inventory and replenishment programs as well as reports can be custom designed and furnished to customers based on whatever their individual needs require. We currently house over 40,000 sq ft of finished product for many of our customers; saving them time, money, and worry!

Routing and Shipping Services

The volume of shipping we do across the country with the nations top cargo and freight companies allows us to take advantage of special rates and preferred routing. This benefit is always passed on to our customers.

Project Support

Each client is assigned 1–2 customer service representatives as well as their main contact. Although each client can access anyone at Advance Graphic Systems at any time, we feel that having individuals specifically familiar with a client's individual needs can be truly helpful.